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An Uncommon Way to Wealth

An Uncommon Way to Wealth is a small book by “Victor D’Argent” that you can buy on the internet for a dollar.

Published in Dublin, Ireland it is quite the little story that stays with you forever. There’s a connection with the County of Cork where an original French edition was found.

Key points:

  • find out what your passion is through a counsellor
  • find a job related to your passion, enquire of the top person
  • immediately start looking for your replacement

If your passion is for publishing, your time has come. Are you a Micro Publisher? File this under Odd Marketing.

You’ll never forget the images and the awakening that this book provides.

Quote: “Ideal for the investment of your time and resources.”

It’s all very uncommon. Comes with an interesting calculation.

It’s all about searching and finding a different kind of royal inheritance.

Reminds me a bit of New Jerusalem, the narrow way versus the earth and the wide crowded path.

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