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Dammit & Whew!

what my emotions are like

what my emotions are like

You know, I live in a house where we breathe the same air and listen to the same airwaves…and the tenants downstairs had a pre-teen party today…aaaahhhh!

When I get mad, everything that I’m mad about comes together like a plate of spaghetti. With red sauce on top.

First of all, I know nothing about anything…but my emotions are pretty clear–prayed the people downstairs would stop the noise. My furniture was shaking!

Okay, so I get mad and write a perfectly awful note and tape it on the inside of my door so that I can cool off. Very few words.

It’s one of those kinds of situations where I’m fighting to be civil. It was unbearable! Then I decided to see what my more diplomatic self could come up with and started making an “admin” style letter…with a Win, Win, Win  attitude. So, that made me happy and pleased with myself. My bad self wanted to boot the door in and turn it off! I’m pretty sure that would have got me into alot of trouble.

First I let my teenaged daughter review it and she said it sounded like I was attacking the woman. What?! But I’m being so fair, so reasonable :(

I put a stamp on my little nicely printed letter and decide to wait till tomorrow and throw away the hand-penned note taped to the inside of my door. So, the party goes on for hours and finally ends.

Then my Landlady calls… and I hadn’t called her for a year. Although, she called me not too long ago and I told her the the woman downstairs smokes, and the stench of her cat litter was killing us, and that she had a man living down there that yells for her to shut up. Completely ratted her out.

After that the fake air spray was killing us, so I had to leave a note telling her that what she was covering up was killing us slowly and the spray was killing us quickly.

Normally, I’m a little intense but if you mess with my kids…what can I say? I hate it. And all this stuff was making me feel sick because of the smell, and it collects in my daughter’s room and gives her a headache.

You must understand that I have a bit of a bad attitude sometimes. One time (10 years ago) some drunk man was ringing my enter-phone a bunch of times trying to get into the building and I was trying to sleep because I had to work the next day.

Finally, I went marching downstairs and the guy saw me through the glass doors coming let him in. Yup. I opened the door, slapped his face hard, shut the door and marched back upstairs to sleep. Left him standing there, holding his face. Case closed.

Let’s hope I’m a little further along now ;) I’m going to say the call from my Landlady was “God’s intervention” to keep me out of the worst trouble and thank Him for that because the Landlady had a word with Miss Smokey.

Course, the Landlady always makes it worse…too bad I’m not Japanese: then I’d never be able to speak about “what goes on behind the rice paper walls”.

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