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Vision: Mind Over Matter

the eyes have world vision

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In case you didn’t already know, things are made by unthings. See? Never mind, think on it later.

Your mind is off if you wear glasses. Seriously. Looking at this for years. And I want us to get a breakthrough.

Look, everybody else is getting their fun, so why not us?

Ever since my eyesight went off and then on then off again, I’ve been questioning. Sharing with you now, seeker of sight.

Lately I’ve been considering “perfect register”, or “exact register” or “kiss fit” and that’s about seeing perfectly. It’s why cashiers hold your bank note up the light.

When I saw for myself the effect words have on water recently it suddenly had an impact on what I want to see. See it for yourself.

Simple exercises lead to understanding the way your mind interprets what it sees, leads to clarity, leads to being glasses free. It’s all about your mindset.

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