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I See With Vision

see with vision


The dark side of vision:

  • now you can really see what the fuss is about
  • you see what you don’t have and you want
  • the grass really is greener on the other side
  • your x looks a little different with someone else
  • other skies are chemtrail free, not yours
  • you love the green light but hate the red
  • clarity brings a sharper mind, more loyalty
  • green-eyed envy means the glass is half empty
  • through desire you see value

Lust is a super-charged word. Laser focus on one target, be it a person, thing, food, situation. Some things we can’t have. At least it’s not good for us to want, so set your sights on what is good (lawful!) and let desire power your motives. It’s all good and gets you where you are going.

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