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Don’t kill me

And now for something completely different….

You should read this if you want to learn how you can avoid paying for privacy for your domain names, and lose your refunds, like I did: don’t add the privacy setting because if you buy your domain names at GoDaddy, then transfer hosting over to BlueHost it won’t happen unless you take off the privacy setting.

Now install WordPress at your BlueHost account, that’s good.

The reason being that putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea. And if anything goes wrong then you’re better off that 3 sides want you. So to recap:

  1. domain names–GoDaddy
  2. hosting–BlueHost
  3. blog–WordPress

WordPress because google loves WordPress. Don’t go crazy with widgets! Now look at the tutorials for WordPress.

You want to look at the tutorial on BlueHost for ftp to set that up. btw the tutorials are slow and quiet, easy. I bought the 2-year package with unlimited hosting, because bots can see that it’s for 2 years and like it better than one year.

Remember you need iContact for your autoresponder. That’s $10 per month. Get a template to make your landing page using KompoZer, and put the code from iContact. Make a little video to:

  • tell who you are
  • tell what you have
  • tell benefits
  • tell to fill name and email in opt-in box

Upload then get the “embed” code from YouTube, look at the html of the landing page (a tab in KompoZer) then replace the code.

Do you love bunnies?

Oh, internet, don’t kill my blog…will access my WordPress dashboard tomorrow.

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