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Your Vision, Your Eyesight



7 Unjust Reasons for Eyeglasses:

1. you were told not to get sun in your eyes

2. first pair of glasses are a slippery slope

3. never told sunglasses paralyze your pupils

4. mono-agriculture sucked the life out of food

5. eye-surgery fall-out stories are true

6. computers don’t come with eye rest reminders

7. the eyeglasses industry is heavily invested

Odd eyesight facts:

  • Reindeer deal with the extremes in polar light by changing their eye colour
  • sunlight helps children’s eyeballs grow properly, need daily hours
  • reading in full sunlight is good
  • pilots use computer programs designed to improve eyesight
  • pilots used to eat blueberries in the war for their vision
  • some people sneeze at sunlight or light in their eyes!

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