Review of Selling Simple Info Online by Bob Bly (Copywriter)

Copywriters are people, too

Copywriters are people, too!

Reading Selling Simple Info Online by Bob Bly who says:

“We copywriters are taught to write conversational copy.  Many marketers erroneously think that conversational copy means write like you talk. But what it really means is write like your prospects talk.”


“Our chief engineer insisted that in our copy we replace “dumped” with “gravimetrically conveyed” (now that’s funny)

Let’s hope we don’t start using these terms to refer to what happens when you’re tired of your girlfriend!

Sales copy should be like having coffee: use your reader’s language, using empathy word “our”. It’s an art. Unless “pens” are “writing instruments” and sell starting at $100.

The goal is to buy, whether writing purists agree or not. And write so as not to be misunderstood…like “free*gift” rather than “gift” which surprisingly can beg a question! (Is it really…?)

Bob talks about if there’s a cut-off age to not bother starting fresh, and the short answer is a resounding “No”! (my friend Sandy is 66 and she is the awesomeness person I know and she’s starting over)

Badges earn trust. He also says capture names and emails with a giveaway. And after a long diatribe on autoresponders he says Tuesday is good, and nobody has the answer on handling your names list. That’s because you have your own kind of audience. (people are fickle)

He says use a professional videographer to tape testimonials. (let them eat cake!)

Use bullets in your giveaway page for a downloadable white paper. (People love it)

Make “I want more” headlines. Dead content doesn’t have stories (off with their head!)

Emotion people!…or flog your freething in your headline. Give the solution to your readers problem as only one (click) action. Make it current (don’t be so lazy!)

Money back guarantee…and if product is an ebook it must be 10x better than a book for the price. If generating leads, then say “no strings”. (has the whole world been over-petted?)

Dedicate part of your time to building your elist. Buying a database?…let’s just say CAN/SPAM is there for your own good.

Actually Bob goes on and on about marketing costs. And he claims you’re leaving money on the table by not harassing people with a pop-up when they try to leave without opting in! (gosh, no means no!)

You can make an enewsletter because your Mom told you not to talk to strangers (candy-gram). Btw there’s an insatiable hunger for Hobbies, Business Opportunities and Money Making / Investing. (it’s a bottomless pit)

Make free content your best stuff. And he  says offer something not too expensive right away. 3% will buy, the rest may never buy (can you say “wheel kicker?”)

The Pereto Principle strikes again with the 80/20 ratio on content vs sales pitch. (personally I lean to 90/10)

And finally opt-out rates: I don’t even want to go there :( (because it makes writers sad)

  • My review: 52 pages of “What to” not “How to”
  • My comment: Doesn’t anybody love writers, or are we just devalued all over the place?…even the Lord knows about this.
  • My recommendation: Take click-by-click training:, and get yourself accountable to someone!


  1. Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

  2. Thank you Allen…enjoyed your article on gold ;)

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