Letter on data storage

off site data storage

off site data storage

Hi John,

I’ve been looking into off site data storage, too.

I have a regular backup on a separate drive, and that’s okay as long as the physical computer is okay.

Then tried Dell off-site storage, but it quickly reached the 2 GB which is free, and wanted me to upgrade to paid. So having heard of SkyDrive quite awhile ago, which is Google’s free 25 GB off-site data storage, using that now.

You’ll find it’s pretty good, just started a few days ago…actually couldn’t find the uploader tool which allows more than 5 files at a time. But I backed up all of our Out of the Box focus group stuff so I feel that’s safe now.

iContact called me because my trial had expired yesterday, so I signed up. During the conversation it was suggested to back up files there and found out that you can back up your contact list as an excel or csv file. So then just upload it to SkyDrive. The reason for this is for the safety of the people’s contact information.

Also, my blog, as you know has been down. When I had a look at the txt file when migrating over the files I saw with trackbacks (which is one of the save options) and without were quite different! With trackbacks was full of hidden drug ads!!

Needless to say, my new WordPress Blog has lots of spam protection and all kinds of security. Wow, we sure need to be one step ahead. I wonder if lenes are affected in the same way?

ps at work we always used removeable drives, and then kept it at a different site
pps welcome back, Claire!

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