DRA, Distributors’ Rights Association

Online Business Resource

Online Business Resource

Website of Distributor Rights Association (non-profit) Distributors’ Rights Association You can listen on live radio & on the internet. Peter Arnold is a former Executive Director (Canada), voluntary. It is the only company that has published a manual that sets out the global standards for independent contractors and companies within the MLM and direct sales industry.

The DRA is now broadcasting Live through Radio and Live through the internet every Saturday morning 9am Eastern, 8am Central, 7am Mountain, 6am Pacific time.

They’re educational, and the guests could be attorneys, CEOs, top distributors and other professionals.

Basically, increased membership brings increased clout with MLM companies (that have policies and procedures, terms and conditions that can be 30 pages long, protecting themselves not you).

I might have passed it by, but it comes recommended by Ann Sieg, for whom I have respect. There is a constantly updated Law Library.

Multi-level Marketing Watchdog MLM Watchdog this is a link on the DRA website.

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