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Snow Blind or See Through

When a white out comes suddenly it’s hard to see, but when it’s bright then reflection of snow can blind. See through a slit rather than paralyze with modern sunglasses. I’ve seen growths on eyes bared to sand or water reflection (workers near deserts or surfers). New eyes, new year!

Taking a Sight

The sextant and its use: the delicate nature of the instrument is only seconded by the exquisite eye that is essential to live an exact and full life.

“Laughing eyes and liquid heart” are words I treasure by a poet I knew, words coined for me.

Precious treasure are these eyes of ours.

Bad at Everything

successful imaginationThere are times in life when its happening faster than usual. You try more, risk more, go further, love more.

At first, choices are between two aspects of the same thing, like in the child’s garden game of “He loves me, he loves me not”. And right when you get to the last petal you either throw away the flower and start again to get the answer you want or just give up and say “I’m a grown up. I don’t need this flower stuff.”

Yeah, well. We’re all grown up (or not) according to the moment. And successful imagination is needed.

Start a new job, relationship, move and you’re right off the stress-o-meter. Especially renovations.

Like you’re a dumb blond and you’re bad at everything. But not really. Really it is stress.

Like “Casey at the bat”, he had the most home runs because he swung at everything. So accept that you’re bad at everything because you’re making the attempt. And that’s brilliant.

Just go back over it and know where you are on the time line and training scale. Give yourself a chance to get good at it. Mastery is altogether different. You pick “that one thing” once you figure it out. Lots of clues to pick up on. First things first.

You know, school or training is just a place to be exposed to as many different areas as possible in a short time to find out what you’d like to pursue. And none of it is a total loss. You’ll use everything in one way or another so give all life value, even your time.

You’re worth it. Take the time to lay the ground work. Later on, if you need to get clear and start again your foundation is still strong.

Just like renovations, clearing out your life of non-essentials takes effort but in the end new is good. Before you judge yourself as inflexible take stock of what you’ve been up to, count the cost and know you can get on track with a few tweaks here and there.

Do what you like.

Isn’t that Blind Faith? A calculated risk. Might as well relax, blondie.

Envision This

artful eyeHow often do you allow yourself to see with clarity the situation you find yourself in?

Rather than cold, hard reality, or even rose-coloured glasses you see from your center.

The pulses that we call time are in the middle of real time. Your mind’s eye, to access the moment needs to be fluid and growing in right connection.

If you’re here right now, and I mean really here in the moment then your mind is in a good state for creating strong memories. Clear memories make for a right relationship to your environment.

Did you ever think that the “ayes” have it? This is a play on words, of course, and I’m talking about an essential “yes” to life. Not a shutting down, but an opening up. And before you dismiss my ramblings as convincing you to some “out there” off-the-grid thinking consider how trendy it is to sustain your own peace in the middle of chaos.

You get to decide how you will see it. And it all begins in the mind, and let’s just say, the ego is an interface. Simply, beautifully, a way to interact with your space. It doesn’t have to be big, this ego of ours…but it needs to be flowing. Not self aware in particular, but enjoying the time. This kind of relaxing is decided upon. Otherwise there is a disconnect to your world.

This is your gift. To be here now, and see it for what it is, faithfully and as simply as a flower.

Vision: Mind Over Matter

the eyes have world visionIn case you didn’t already know, things are made by unthings. See? Never mind, think on it later.

Your mind is off if you wear glasses. Seriously. Looking at this for years. And I want us to get a breakthrough.

Look, everybody else is getting their fun, so why not us?

Ever since my eyesight went off and then on then off again, I’ve been questioning. Sharing with you now, seeker of sight.

Lately I’ve been considering “perfect register”, or “exact register” or “kiss fit” and that’s about seeing perfectly. It’s why cashiers hold your bank note up the light.

When I saw for myself the effect words have on water recently it suddenly had an impact on what I want to see. See it for yourself.

Simple exercises lead to understanding the way your mind interprets what it sees, leads to clarity, leads to being glasses free. It’s all about your mindset.

I See With Vision

see with visionThe dark side of vision:
Now you can really see what the fuss is about.
You see what you don’t have and want.
The grass really is greener on the other side.
Your x looks a little different with someone else.
Other skies are chemtrail free, not yours.
You love the green light but hate the red.
Clarity brings a sharper mind, more loyalty.
Green-eyed envy means the glass is half empty.
Through desire you see value.

Lust is a super-charged word. Laser focus on one target, be it a person, thing, food, situation. Some things we can’t have. At least it’s not good for us to want, so set your sights on what is good (lawful!) and let desire power your motives. It’s all good and gets you where you are going.

Your Vision, Your Eyesight

vision7 Unjust Reasons for Eyeglasses:

1. you were told not to get sun in your eyes

2. first pair of glasses are a slippery slope

3. never told sunglasses paralyze your pupils

4. mono-agriculture sucked the life out of food

5. eye-surgery fall-out stories are true

6. computers don’t come with eye rest reminders

7. the eyeglasses industry is heavily invested

Odd eyesight facts:

  • Reindeer deal with the extremes in polar light by changing their eye colour
  • sunlight helps children’s eyeballs grow properly, need daily hours
  • reading in full sunlight is good
  • pilots use computer programs designed to improve eyesight
  • pilots used to eat blueberries in the war for their vision
  • some people sneeze at sunlight or light in their eyes!

Oh no, detox again

Get down to business: it’s detox time.

Clarify your body and your communications.

Yes, well…here we all are at the dinner table yet again. Been on a mental / emotional holiday, if not also physically, back and forth on a couple of short trips to see the family.

Between Christmas and New Years has always been a bit of an inbetween time for me.

Before all this I decided enough is enough and sent for DrNatura (too bad there’s no affiliate product). Done five days now.

Called up my old email and I saw I hadn’t done a proper cleanse since late summer 2008. Perfectly pitiful. And I know better, too.

The kids hate it when I talk about parasites.

But I didn’t just make this stuff up. Look, they come in microscopically and they transform into full-grown “what-the” and live and play (and everything else) at our expense.

Really though, this temporary tent I call a body has to be light and easy to be an expression of poise and grace, strength and flexibility.

How can you expect the rest of life to line up if you haven’t put first things first?

Tomorrow step up to twice and much. Twice the results. Remember to drink water. And come to the Living Water, as well.

Happy New Year, and here’s to the health of your business and marketing: Cheers!

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