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7 Blog Hacks for Business Success 2010

odd blog

  1. People don’t like to donate unless they get something out of it, but even if it’s a tiny, a stupid, useless virtual thing we love to buy it (like collecting)
  2. give regular updates, if you’re dead nobody will watch you
  3. humour, the whole thing is funny, a funny person
  4. pictures, media (quick glance rather than video)
  5. re: commissions, never say “I need the money” nor be pitiful
  6. provide good stuff, people will talk / share
  7. people buy subscriptions where there are no ads

(from my mentor who is a veteran internet geek that does media art)

I wanted to add my own view of 2010:

  • mini, that is mobile friendly
  • provide timely bits of info

To this end I will be making this site cell phone smart.

As soon as I finish it, I’m going to give a review on The Complete Syndication Revelation.

Domain Transfer

easy domain transferIt’s easy to do a domain transfer.

You just make sure that your domain name is past the 2-month holding time, then…

  1. unlock it (see the “lock” icon?) at domain name provider (GoDaddy)
  2. go to host c-panel, domain manager (BlueHost)
  3. get EPP authorization code, from domain manager (GoDaddy) via email
  4. paste into the field at the host (BlueHost)
  5. get admin contact verification code (GoDaddy) via email
  6. change name servers given by the host (from BlueHost to GoDaddy)
  7. agree to terms of service at host
  8. add transfer to shopping cart and pay ($10)

Basically you have 3 windows open:

  • email account that your domain name provider knows
  • hosting account
  • domain name provider

Read the screen. Relax…it really is easy. Have fun with it. Pretty much it happens instantly, all the email, cutting and pasting of the codes and that.

You’re done.

Recording Software, Set Up Recording Area

Audio product interview (Mike Stewart’s Audio Recording For Information Publishers–coming soon)

Debating the professional vs. consumer quality audio files, I really wonder.

I like the idea of informal very much, but toying with the idea of actually hearing what’s being said.

Most podcasts, or audio files are not made into words to read, and who has time to listen more than once or twice? Wouldn’t you rather hear it right the first time?

Anyway, it’s not that hard to set up a recording space: just turn off the fan and phone, close the windows and door. That’s pretty good.

A really good microphone that sounds clear on replay and takes care of the “popping” noise of talking. When I get one, I’ll review that one–research first and let you know. And on how to look after it, too.

Marketing Advice by Dean Hunt

My review: Only Deano would do something like this. Gotta love him. Help children in India.

Full-on videos (5-6 minutes with the main points), Personality Marketers and Social Marketers, those with a little character and personality in what they do will be big in 2010.

He’s right about transparency, I think. I mean super-professional “can’t touch me-I’m-a-corporation-now-so-security-will-keep-you-out” are boring me half to death. What about you?

You might just as well sign up for Ustream while you’re there.

The Sweet Spot in Marketing

Doctor Howard Moscowitz…

That is, Malcolm Gladwell on: What we can learn from spaghetti sauce.

Howard’s gift to the American people. I’ve always said “No one talks about what’s important”.

Malcolm: we cannot always explain what we want deep inside.

You marketers: help us to know what we want!

Your Voice On The Internet

TrainingYour voice is your fortune. High, low…fast, slow…accented or not…male, female: your voice is unique. People’s fascination for individual voices runs deep, hits emotional chords and has the power to inform. Why not use your own voice for online business success?

You may be interested to know that my career in using my own voice started in long-distance switchboard operating and the ability to brand to that voice started back then. Businessmen had account cards that they would use by calling the operator to place business calls. It was then, I was pleasantly surprised to find, that the regulars would instantly know me by the second call placed, even if a week or more later. Such is the unique signature of the voice.

If all voices were the same the world would be plain and flat, so yours is needed to enrich the landscape!

So when I discovered Generator Software, I had to get it. You build audio teaching content clicking buttons to splice it together AND get your own voice in there in certain sections. It’s cool.

This fit perfectly with my interest in autodialers to reach a personal or a self-generated list. For those of you who haven’t yet learned the art of “taking” back your telephone, what I’m about to say may not appeal. Keeping in touch by telephone is a viable option for the list you have built yourself, used in conjunction with other tools, just to mix it up a bit.

Fortunately, you can be on distribution lists that you opt in for (my child’s school, the library, updates from Jerusalem). In fact, I was thinking to do it for my family because it’s better than email…and we live in different time zones. In business you can use super simple software to get your message out without downloading, or upkeep of the expensive equipment click here.

Besides an autodialer, there is online educational audio content. For some, whose background is in education, you will know about learning styles and the fact that students must be exposed to content 7 times before it really goes in. Multiple kinds of information immersion is necessary:

  1. audio
  2. visual
  3. text
  4. tactile

…and in combination.

Familiar = relaxed

Humour = relaxed

And a “relaxed” state leads to easy retention. Most people need review, and somehow it’s all so fresh and refreshing to see the tools necessary to online success in repeat sequences. So if you’re looking to add educational marketing material to what you already have see Monthly Products  to create your own. The quality is quite high because of the recommendation to use high end microphone plugged into your computer.

In particular you may find the recommendation for Internet Marketing Explained useful for training purposes click here.

Google Wonder Wheel

Start with self, add spokes

Start with self, add spokes

This is me, as a hub with no spokes…so in the coming weeks lets see what I can do to get connections. Anyway, if you play around with it, it’s freaky and “alive” as you click on each new ball of information. It shows trust and authority. Ciaran Doyle says he uses it to get ideas. Try with any words you’re interested in. Fun!

Make an ordinary search on Google. Look for the words on the page just under the colourful word Google, click “show options”, the left column slides out with a list, about two thirds of the way down, click “Wonder Wheel”.

Lots of connections

Lots of Connections!!

this is good, see the legs?

this is good, see the legs?

Review of Selling Simple Info Online by Bob Bly (Copywriter)

Copywriters are people, too

Copywriters are people, too!

Reading Selling Simple Info Online by Bob Bly who says:

“We copywriters are taught to write conversational copy.  Many marketers erroneously think that conversational copy means write like you talk. But what it really means is write like your prospects talk.”


“Our chief engineer insisted that in our copy we replace “dumped” with “gravimetrically conveyed” (now that’s funny)

Let’s hope we don’t start using these terms to refer to what happens when you’re tired of your girlfriend!

Sales copy should be like having coffee: use your reader’s language, using empathy word “our”. It’s an art. Unless “pens” are “writing instruments” and sell starting at $100.

The goal is to buy, whether writing purists agree or not. And write so as not to be misunderstood…like “free*gift” rather than “gift” which surprisingly can beg a question! (Is it really…?)

Bob talks about if there’s a cut-off age to not bother starting fresh, and the short answer is a resounding “No”! (my friend Sandy is 66 and she is the awesomeness person I know and she’s starting over)

Badges earn trust. He also says capture names and emails with a giveaway. And after a long diatribe on autoresponders he says Tuesday is good, and nobody has the answer on handling your names list. That’s because you have your own kind of audience. (people are fickle)

He says use a professional videographer to tape testimonials. (let them eat cake!)

Use bullets in your giveaway page for a downloadable white paper. (People love it)

Make “I want more” headlines. Dead content doesn’t have stories (off with their head!)

Emotion people!…or flog your freething in your headline. Give the solution to your readers problem as only one (click) action. Make it current (don’t be so lazy!)

Money back guarantee…and if product is an ebook it must be 10x better than a book for the price. If generating leads, then say “no strings”. (has the whole world been over-petted?)

Dedicate part of your time to building your elist. Buying a database?…let’s just say CAN/SPAM is there for your own good.

Actually Bob goes on and on about marketing costs. And he claims you’re leaving money on the table by not harassing people with a pop-up when they try to leave without opting in! (gosh, no means no!)

You can make an enewsletter because your Mom told you not to talk to strangers (candy-gram). Btw there’s an insatiable hunger for Hobbies, Business Opportunities and Money Making / Investing. (it’s a bottomless pit)

Make free content your best stuff. And he  says offer something not too expensive right away. 3% will buy, the rest may never buy (can you say “wheel kicker?”)

The Pereto Principle strikes again with the 80/20 ratio on content vs sales pitch. (personally I lean to 90/10)

And finally opt-out rates: I don’t even want to go there :( (because it makes writers sad)

  • My review: 52 pages of “What to” not “How to”
  • My comment: Doesn’t anybody love writers, or are we just devalued all over the place?…even the Lord knows about this.
  • My recommendation: Take click-by-click training:, and get yourself accountable to someone!

Refresh your browser

42-15683252Goofing around putting in a Favicon which you can make at and looking at the  help at WordPress, found how to upload it to my public html folder. Little bit clumsy, always late at night when doing things. Tried it a few times over some days. Used FileZilla…know did it right!

Then realized how to refresh my browser, like this: tools, options, network–click “clear now” button.

And there’s my bad favicon :) It may be bad, but it’s mine.

btw the favicon is the little thingy left of the “http://”. See? Mine’s a C. Now you make one.

Don’t kill me

And now for something completely different….

You should read this if you want to learn how you can avoid paying for privacy for your domain names, and lose your refunds, like I did: don’t add the privacy setting because if you buy your domain names at GoDaddy, then transfer hosting over to BlueHost it won’t happen unless you take off the privacy setting.

Now install WordPress at your BlueHost account, that’s good.

The reason being that putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea. And if anything goes wrong then you’re better off that 3 sides want you. So to recap:

  1. domain names–GoDaddy
  2. hosting–BlueHost
  3. blog–WordPress

WordPress because google loves WordPress. Don’t go crazy with widgets! Now look at the tutorials for WordPress.

You want to look at the tutorial on BlueHost for ftp to set that up. btw the tutorials are slow and quiet, easy. I bought the 2-year package with unlimited hosting, because bots can see that it’s for 2 years and like it better than one year.

Remember you need iContact for your autoresponder. That’s $10 per month. Get a template to make your landing page using KompoZer, and put the code from iContact. Make a little video to:

  • tell who you are
  • tell what you have
  • tell benefits
  • tell to fill name and email in opt-in box

Upload then get the “embed” code from YouTube, look at the html of the landing page (a tab in KompoZer) then replace the code.

Do you love bunnies?

Oh, internet, don’t kill my blog…will access my WordPress dashboard tomorrow.

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