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Recording Software, Set Up Recording Area

Audio product interview (Mike Stewart’s Audio Recording For Information Publishers–coming soon)

Debating the professional vs. consumer quality audio files, I really wonder.

I like the idea of informal very much, but toying with the idea of actually hearing what’s being said.

Most podcasts, or audio files are not made into words to read, and who has time to listen more than once or twice? Wouldn’t you rather hear it right the first time?

Anyway, it’s not that hard to set up a recording space: just turn off the fan and phone, close the windows and door. That’s pretty good.

A really good microphone that sounds clear on replay and takes care of the “popping” noise of talking. When I get one, I’ll review that one–research first and let you know. And on how to look after it, too.

Marketing Advice by Dean Hunt

My review: Only Deano would do something like this. Gotta love him. Help children in India.

Full-on videos (5-6 minutes with the main points), Personality Marketers and Social Marketers, those with a little character and personality in what they do will be big in 2010.

He’s right about transparency, I think. I mean super-professional “can’t touch me-I’m-a-corporation-now-so-security-will-keep-you-out” are boring me half to death. What about you?

You might just as well sign up for Ustream while you’re there.

File Management 1: The Most Boring Task

File management on your computer is all about cleaning up.

And knowing where files are. And dealing. In business, you just got to.

Just want to scream and run away from it? Be brave. More like gardening actually.

Here are 3 steps to start with:

  1. deal with your email, start with account number one
  2. hard drive, start with computer number one
  3. backup, all systems

Today I’m only talking about email. If you don’t get on top of it, it will get on top of you and weigh you down.

How many accounts do you have? I’m not going to suggest shutting them down, any more than I would take a favourite Teddy Bear from a fully alert child!

Start with the worst, oldest one. Ugh. Say to yourself: I have to do this, or else.

Count how many folders you are organizing your emails in…you have made folders, haven’t you? Anyway, think of it as a series of file cabinets and drawers.

You’re familiar with the idea of a desktop, right? Okay, think: classic movie where the rich guy has almost nothing on his desk. It’s a temporary workspace, nothing more. Would you stack huge amounts of junk on there if you were the rich guy in the movie? No. Only the poor sod in an hidden office has all the file folders and stuff piled up on his desk.

Stay with me here: this is such a big topic, I’m going to break it down into little pieces. Over time.

Alright, now we start with the hated email…

Count how many file folders you have. If it’s over 50 that’s far too many. Bet you didn’t think you had that many, hey? Ask yourself how many folders (cabinets) you can comfortably live with…20–sound about right?

Now, you may know that by “deleting” you’re not really getting rid of anything instantly, you’re simply putting it away in a room that you may to go to in the next while. But it’s there just in case. Then you can choose to keep it forever by moving it to a file folder (call it “Temp”), and there may come a time when this room will be dealt with, too.

Okay, now that you’re relaxed…everything is alright, everything is fine

Look at the list of folders of your email. Never mind the 250 loose emails in your inbox…we’ll get to those.

Some of them will loosely fit into a category. It’s like one big cabinet will be for, say, Marketing.

Now you’ve got a bunch of folders (drawers) for various Marketers that you like, or you want to look at later. They really don’t need their own drawer each (they can share with other Marketers), and I’ll tell you why:

The secret is the box with a magnifying glass that says: search your email (not search the web). See?

Now if you have a filing cabinet drawer for each of these marketers, it doesn’t make sense. Think of the “search you email” box as your secretary. You need something, you ask her to go look for it…even if it’s misfiled under something else she will find it (she’s good!) as long as you give her something to go on.

The reason is this: the long list of file folders don’t need to be out, they can be out of sight and anytime you want to look at them you just pull open the drawer. That way your mind doesn’t feel cluttered and you have a virtual room with 10 or 20 file cabinets (good) instead of 50+, which is crazy.

And now that you’ve come with me this far…forget email communications. Here is an exciting social media video to relax your mind…(remember to subscribe to this series, opt in…because you love me)

Your Voice On The Internet

TrainingYour voice is your fortune. High, low…fast, slow…accented or not…male, female: your voice is unique. People’s fascination for individual voices runs deep, hits emotional chords and has the power to inform. Why not use your own voice for online business success?

You may be interested to know that my career in using my own voice started in long-distance switchboard operating and the ability to brand to that voice started back then. Businessmen had account cards that they would use by calling the operator to place business calls. It was then, I was pleasantly surprised to find, that the regulars would instantly know me by the second call placed, even if a week or more later. Such is the unique signature of the voice.

If all voices were the same the world would be plain and flat, so yours is needed to enrich the landscape!

So when I discovered Generator Software, I had to get it. You build audio teaching content clicking buttons to splice it together AND get your own voice in there in certain sections. It’s cool.

This fit perfectly with my interest in autodialers to reach a personal or a self-generated list. For those of you who haven’t yet learned the art of “taking” back your telephone, what I’m about to say may not appeal. Keeping in touch by telephone is a viable option for the list you have built yourself, used in conjunction with other tools, just to mix it up a bit.

Fortunately, you can be on distribution lists that you opt in for (my child’s school, the library, updates from Jerusalem). In fact, I was thinking to do it for my family because it’s better than email…and we live in different time zones. In business you can use super simple software to get your message out without downloading, or upkeep of the expensive equipment click here.

Besides an autodialer, there is online educational audio content. For some, whose background is in education, you will know about learning styles and the fact that students must be exposed to content 7 times before it really goes in. Multiple kinds of information immersion is necessary:

  1. audio
  2. visual
  3. text
  4. tactile

…and in combination.

Familiar = relaxed

Humour = relaxed

And a “relaxed” state leads to easy retention. Most people need review, and somehow it’s all so fresh and refreshing to see the tools necessary to online success in repeat sequences. So if you’re looking to add educational marketing material to what you already have see Monthly Products  to create your own. The quality is quite high because of the recommendation to use high end microphone plugged into your computer.

In particular you may find the recommendation for Internet Marketing Explained useful for training purposes click here.


Twitter support is so happy and cute. They always have the nicest videos with upbeat music to go with, so makes it easy to learn…the voice is excellent.

Dammit & Whew!

what my emotions are like

what my emotions are like

You know, I live in a house where we breathe the same air and listen to the same airwaves…and the tenants downstairs had a pre-teen party today…aaaahhhh!

When I get mad, everything that I’m mad about comes together like a plate of spaghetti. With red sauce on top.

First of all, I know nothing about anything…but my emotions are pretty clear–prayed the people downstairs would stop the noise. My furniture was shaking!

Okay, so I get mad and write a perfectly awful note and tape it on the inside of my door so that I can cool off. Very few words.

It’s one of those kinds of situations where I’m fighting to be civil. It was unbearable! Then I decided to see what my more diplomatic self could come up with and started making an “admin” style letter…with a Win, Win, Win  attitude. So, that made me happy and pleased with myself. My bad self wanted to boot the door in and turn it off! I’m pretty sure that would have got me into alot of trouble.

First I let my teenaged daughter review it and she said it sounded like I was attacking the woman. What?! But I’m being so fair, so reasonable :(

I put a stamp on my little nicely printed letter and decide to wait till tomorrow and throw away the hand-penned note taped to the inside of my door. So, the party goes on for hours and finally ends.

Then my Landlady calls… and I hadn’t called her for a year. Although, she called me not too long ago and I told her the the woman downstairs smokes, and the stench of her cat litter was killing us, and that she had a man living down there that yells for her to shut up. Completely ratted her out.

After that the fake air spray was killing us, so I had to leave a note telling her that what she was covering up was killing us slowly and the spray was killing us quickly.

Normally, I’m a little intense but if you mess with my kids…what can I say? I hate it. And all this stuff was making me feel sick because of the smell, and it collects in my daughter’s room and gives her a headache.

You must understand that I have a bit of a bad attitude sometimes. One time (10 years ago) some drunk man was ringing my enter-phone a bunch of times trying to get into the building and I was trying to sleep because I had to work the next day.

Finally, I went marching downstairs and the guy saw me through the glass doors coming let him in. Yup. I opened the door, slapped his face hard, shut the door and marched back upstairs to sleep. Left him standing there, holding his face. Case closed.

Let’s hope I’m a little further along now ;) I’m going to say the call from my Landlady was “God’s intervention” to keep me out of the worst trouble and thank Him for that because the Landlady had a word with Miss Smokey.

Course, the Landlady always makes it worse…too bad I’m not Japanese: then I’d never be able to speak about “what goes on behind the rice paper walls”.


lots of cell phone usersRyan Sperling of interviews Tom Clayton from BubbleMotion on messaging services (asks about mobile advertising): BubbleTalk, BubbleBlog, BubbleCast (mobile advertising)  BubbleVideo.

Don’t kill me

And now for something completely different….

You should read this if you want to learn how you can avoid paying for privacy for your domain names, and lose your refunds, like I did: don’t add the privacy setting because if you buy your domain names at GoDaddy, then transfer hosting over to BlueHost it won’t happen unless you take off the privacy setting.

Now install WordPress at your BlueHost account, that’s good.

The reason being that putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea. And if anything goes wrong then you’re better off that 3 sides want you. So to recap:

  1. domain names–GoDaddy
  2. hosting–BlueHost
  3. blog–WordPress

WordPress because google loves WordPress. Don’t go crazy with widgets! Now look at the tutorials for WordPress.

You want to look at the tutorial on BlueHost for ftp to set that up. btw the tutorials are slow and quiet, easy. I bought the 2-year package with unlimited hosting, because bots can see that it’s for 2 years and like it better than one year.

Remember you need iContact for your autoresponder. That’s $10 per month. Get a template to make your landing page using KompoZer, and put the code from iContact. Make a little video to:

  • tell who you are
  • tell what you have
  • tell benefits
  • tell to fill name and email in opt-in box

Upload then get the “embed” code from YouTube, look at the html of the landing page (a tab in KompoZer) then replace the code.

Do you love bunnies?

Oh, internet, don’t kill my blog…will access my WordPress dashboard tomorrow.

Accelerating A Bit Crazily

accellerating crazily

accellerating crazily

Gosh, got to ask myself if I can keep up with this focus group, which is extremely fun.

One of us started crying (it wasn’t me) because well, things are coming up, and it was so cool how our fearless leader dealt with it. I can’t imagine myself being so amazing. Kind of neat how growing (pains) helps us shift around.

Take my SitSmart sessions, for instance…I’ve been giving feedback to my trainer and saying, just observing how I kind of split in half and had an argument with myself about the new “physical upgrade” in my neural patterns and then just noticed the third part which is kind of overseeing everything (basic psychology, I guess) and then I integrated and was back into one piece again. She said it was normal and to be expected, and she that was the awareness part of me!

I’m kind of like the “encourager” um, electrical I-don’t-know-what of the group…getting a mini fan club. Like to share what I find, don’t care if it’s stolen from me (Mark Joyner of Mind Control Marketing, says everybody’s our competitor…but, oh well–he’s scary).

On the call last night, suddenly we realized that we couldn’t do without each other in this, and people are finding their place, finding their voice…trusting, supporting.

So, it comes out we’re all going through spurts of creativity, then nothing…like a rest and letdown, aftermath of overwhelm. Then, BOOM, we’re back at it firing on all cylinders, and it’s amazing. All these communications flying back and forth and we’re all over the world in different time zones!

Anyways, in our new group, stuff is coming up, you know like traumas of school where there was punishment, or lagging behind, dropping out–stuff, the internalized “bad teacher”, and one of us voiced…well maybe I’m not supposed to write this–generally the group dynamics are gelling, like “leave no man behind” and that.

And we are very diverse group, I’m telling ya. We’ve got the “everybody’s amazing ‘cept for me” thing going on, but it’s quickly out in the open and the teacher is going real slow and really hearing us and we’re getting this whole amazing dynamics emerging making us come out, though we’re all “Renegade Marketers” we’re acting as this mini team. It’s cool. We’re on track, so that’s good…finding our voice.

So tonight is the 12th and last session of Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring Program…and our much larger group is all excited and anticipating what’s going to happen now…and no doubt, there will be a review of the last several months and vision for the future

And I’ve been quite enjoying some funny podcasts starting with the first, which is very long but you can listen while surfing, though certainly I was glued to and almost killed myself laughing. Actually, the laughing seemed to help me process the information…and the series is very good.

Found the link when I was poking around BetterNetworker: the first one is called The World’s Most Unprofessional Podcast! They have their other sites, but this is new…Dean Hunt interviews various people, but he and Ciaran Doyle have amazing chemistry, so enjoy. Reminds me a bit of my older brothers, and listening to Fire Sign Theatre which was audio, British humour, back in the day.

Oh, my little brother offered me project work stuffing a bunch of envelopes for his business Car Heaven…and I responded to his voicemail with my voicemail accepting, but he’ll be zooming around the world a bit this week. My friend and I had good laugh at the corner drinking coffee and she’s going to help me. Knows the tricks and in-and-outs of envelope stuffing, so I’m pretty sure we can do it, I think. That’s how bad things are…

Used MindMeister, set up BlueHost, signed up for iContact.

Letter on data storage

off site data storage

off site data storage

Hi John,

I’ve been looking into off site data storage, too.

I have a regular backup on a separate drive, and that’s okay as long as the physical computer is okay.

Then tried Dell off-site storage, but it quickly reached the 2 GB which is free, and wanted me to upgrade to paid. So having heard of SkyDrive quite awhile ago, which is Google’s free 25 GB off-site data storage, using that now.

You’ll find it’s pretty good, just started a few days ago…actually couldn’t find the uploader tool which allows more than 5 files at a time. But I backed up all of our Out of the Box focus group stuff so I feel that’s safe now.

iContact called me because my trial had expired yesterday, so I signed up. During the conversation it was suggested to back up files there and found out that you can back up your contact list as an excel or csv file. So then just upload it to SkyDrive. The reason for this is for the safety of the people’s contact information.

Also, my blog, as you know has been down. When I had a look at the txt file when migrating over the files I saw with trackbacks (which is one of the save options) and without were quite different! With trackbacks was full of hidden drug ads!!

Needless to say, my new WordPress Blog has lots of spam protection and all kinds of security. Wow, we sure need to be one step ahead. I wonder if lenes are affected in the same way?

ps at work we always used removeable drives, and then kept it at a different site
pps welcome back, Claire!

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