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Bad at Everything

successful imaginationThere are times in life when its happening faster than usual. You try more, risk more, go further, love more.

At first, choices are between two aspects of the same thing, like in the child’s garden game of “He loves me, he loves me not”. And right when you get to the last petal you either throw away the flower and start again to get the answer you want or just give up and say “I’m a grown up. I don’t need this flower stuff.”

Yeah, well. We’re all grown up (or not) according to the moment. And successful imagination is needed.

Start a new job, relationship, move and you’re right off the stress-o-meter. Especially renovations.

Like you’re a dumb blond and you’re bad at everything. But not really. Really it is stress.

Like “Casey at the bat”, he had the most home runs because he swung at everything. So accept that you’re bad at everything because you’re making the attempt. And that’s brilliant.

Just go back over it and know where you are on the time line and training scale. Give yourself a chance to get good at it. Mastery is altogether different. You pick “that one thing” once you figure it out. Lots of clues to pick up on. First things first.

You know, school or training is just a place to be exposed to as many different areas as possible in a short time to find out what you’d like to pursue. And none of it is a total loss. You’ll use everything in one way or another so give all life value, even your time.

You’re worth it. Take the time to lay the ground work. Later on, if you need to get clear and start again your foundation is still strong.

Just like renovations, clearing out your life of non-essentials takes effort but in the end new is good. Before you judge yourself as inflexible take stock of what you’ve been up to, count the cost and know you can get on track with a few tweaks here and there.

Do what you like.

Isn’t that Blind Faith? A calculated risk. Might as well relax, blondie.

Mobile Marketer

Because I’m on “The List” I’ve been noticing talk on:

1. Mobile Marketing

2. Facebook ads (+ gmail, hotmail)

3. YouTube links (George Brown)

These are high traffic areas to put up your signpost, which is better than in a desert but lots of competition.

Which I love to hate.

So you go where the traffic is, and traffic is mobile Google Mobile Advertising.

Some of us love attention. I’m not an attention grabber.

[Scroll down for the Easter Egg…]

But let me tell you a story.

One day I was at a party. A friend of mine that I’d eat lunch with, who’d pick me up on the way to work if he saw me at the bus stop, invited me to his housewarming party. He was dating a high profile twin and they moved in together. For shame! I went with my friend from work because we both met him at the same time (he came to check out our related agency moving in across the street).

So at the party I moved around and found myself standing in the living room which was filled with people. Somehow I got into an animated, highly enjoyable, back and forth with some random handsome man. And we’re talking great guns for awhile quite close…I love this kind of talking chemistry. After awhile I suddenly became aware of space around us and looked and saw everyone in the whole room had taken a seat and was just watching us! So, I immediately told him I had to go and politely left the room.

Later my friend says oh you were getting on quite well with that famous tennis player…nudge nudge. How does she know these things?

Then later (or was it before?) I went into the bedroom, where the coats are, for a second and the host bars my way out and starts telling me “You’re so beautiful…you’re SO beautiful” which is a pretty odd thing for my friend to say, and I’m thinking “Uh oh…” and then in walks the twin and stammers and apologizes for interrupting us!

Long story short, I’d rather have a business that I’m conducting under the radar…fame makes me feel uncomfortable, but it’s always finding me on a small scale.

btw that same man eventually broke up with the twin when she lost her high-powered job and couldn’t deal. And he just knew to show up on the last day I worked (I flew out the next day) and brought me big flowers.

Anyway, my friend brings it up from time to time to tease me and I always tell her it was the shirt (that looks like chain mail: little grey plastic squares) and that she gets to wear it next time ;)

Easter Egg: Mobile Marketing’s Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising

For a review on the Mobile Marketer craze click my personal website at the side which is where I like to hide stuff…hehehe. Gimme a day.

Find an alternate way to build your business under the radar by exploring the cutting edge popular.

Buzz Marketer

bee buzz Yesterday was working my big overall visual business plan, which is up on my wall and made of sponge letters. Worked on that while listening to Dean Hunt (Super Fast Buzz Punisher) and a couple of his internet work buddies talking about their worst and best business practices. I ran out and got a small magnetized white board that’s now at the side of my frig.

The white board is for my daily goal and does not get wiped off until it’s done. Very good to go with the overall plan. And when I get my goal done today, I’ll work on my little index file that keeps track of specifics from my Big Plan.

Outsource: one good action that works for me is help with the laundry.

My time wasters are email and Twitter…took myself off some email lists and plan on getting a high school student to take over putting my original followers on proper lists in the summer. Believe it or not I get alot out of Twitter and consider it a resource for help. No automation because I like to know who you are.

Triumph Marketing

This is a slick piece of marketing currently on the main page of Sturgess Cycle Motorsports since 1910. The business has been around for 100 years.

Nana was a motor cycle stunt driver starting at age 16 for Sturgess. Later on she married and she and my Grandad sold it to pay for the hospital bill (and Nana rode it into her 8th month) when they went to have their only child, my mother. She did the books for the business awhile.

One of the diaries (1940) my Nana kept came into my hands from my Mum so I’ve been putting a day of each month up, so twelve at a time whenever I get the chance. There’s much mentioned about “Dad” and “the store” and “Ted” (Nana’s brother) who  raced.

For My Nana’s Diary 1940 click here.

My All in All in Business

The Power of One in Business

Hearing Marvin Dirksen (excellent speaker) tonight at the hall, then popping in, virtually, to see the Christians at the BraveHeart Women business community there was this video by Lifehouse Everything Drama. Thinking on the arts media to portray interpretation of truths. Over a million views, this must have struck a chord with a great many people!

Seems to me the world is full of distraction sent deliberately to pull us down and destroy. Especially a person who has found truth in a world that calls it something else. He didn’t say there would be no trouble…but that we’d be in trouble. Do you know who He is? The Light, the Truth, and the Door. Peace.

He also said “I must be about my father’s business”.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Oh how I miss my Chinese friends in Vancouver BC!

This is a long weekend here: Valentine’s Day, Family Day (so Monday is a holiday).

So this blog post is dedicated to my Asian friends, and it pains my heart to be separated from you, though I am so bad at keeping in touch. Work is too hard! Thank goodness for communications like telephone, email, FaceBook…

When first tried a mooncake, I thought: Wow! Like fudgey, peanut-flavoured, smooth and yummy…with a surprise salty, grainy egg yolk in the middle all cutely done in a pretty stamped pastry…very rich and sweet ~

But, so many are passed back and forth between friends and family–people get sick of them by the time they are teens. Lots of beautiful tins and special gift bags exchanged.

And here is a so-sweet note sent in a mailer from Hong Kong with some anime-type figurines we bought on eBay (which came quickly on the 31st of December, and we had only ordered just a short time before). Came with magnet gift, seller name gorgor16.

Google Buzz

When I arrived home this evening (from study of scripture) I checked out Twitter…which has been boring me lately, but hope waxes eternal.

And I saw a tweet “Watch Bill McIntosh Live Every Tuesday” which I saw was a right now live chat on marketing.

So there I was giving it 20 seconds and almost left when he was talking about Contest Burner. But I stayed on for a few seconds more and he asked where everyone was from and said he’d give a shout-out. So I was hooked and engaged for a a bit and became really interested. Even though I lost focus a  few times during the chat…

Anyway, I like the voice over for Google Buzz.

It will roll out in batches, and will show up on the left-side under “inbox” in Gmail which presently says “star” for me.

Basically you will use your Google Profile as your dashboard, and it will be a social tool available on your Gmail.

Good stuff.

Popular Sharing Links

“Where do you get all those cool crazy links from?”

If you want to learn to snag stuff with a whip, use Sketchpad, StumbleUpon something neat, find out how social gaming is improving education, read the most popular stories…

It’s all here, right now. Who needs TV?

Skype Webcam

Logitech QuickCam Communicate Deluxe and it came very quickly…took it out of the package, plugged it in, popped in the disc (unplugged it while reading the little booklet that said “don’t plug it in until we tell you”), plugged it back in and poof, it works. Ordered from Newegg.

Sandy in Australia said she wanted me to hear about her new project so I called her on Skype which I saw on the RBMP forum. It was before midnight for me, and just about noon for her…she has no webcam, just headphones/mic and my mic didn’t work…so it was kind of silly.

Anyway, after I hung up I looked around, tired, but decided there was no way that the smart guys would make it hard for me, so I pulled it out and plugged it in a different port and voila! The mic was detected and I did a nice test with Skype and everything’s Kosher.

An Uncommon Way to Wealth

An Uncommon Way to Wealth is a small book by “Victor D’Argent” that you can buy on the internet for a dollar.

Published in Dublin, Ireland it is quite the little story that stays with you forever. There’s a connection with the County of Cork where an original French edition was found.

Key points:

  • find out what your passion is through a counsellor
  • find a job related to your passion, enquire of the top person
  • immediately start looking for your replacement

If your passion is for publishing, your time has come. Are you a Micro Publisher? File this under Odd Marketing.

You’ll never forget the images and the awakening that this book provides.

Quote: “Ideal for the investment of your time and resources.”

It’s all very uncommon. Comes with an interesting calculation.

It’s all about searching and finding a different kind of royal inheritance.

Reminds me a bit of New Jerusalem, the narrow way versus the earth and the wide crowded path.

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