Accelerating A Bit Crazily

accellerating crazily

accellerating crazily

Gosh, got to ask myself if I can keep up with this focus group, which is extremely fun.

One of us started crying (it wasn’t me) because well, things are coming up, and it was so cool how our fearless leader dealt with it. I can’t imagine myself being so amazing. Kind of neat how growing (pains) helps us shift around.

Take my SitSmart sessions, for instance…I’ve been giving feedback to my trainer and saying, just observing how I kind of split in half and had an argument with myself about the new “physical upgrade” in my neural patterns and then just noticed the third part which is kind of overseeing everything (basic psychology, I guess) and then I integrated and was back into one piece again. She said it was normal and to be expected, and she that was the awareness part of me!

I’m kind of like the “encourager” um, electrical I-don’t-know-what of the group…getting a mini fan club. Like to share what I find, don’t care if it’s stolen from me (Mark Joyner of Mind Control Marketing, says everybody’s our competitor…but, oh well–he’s scary).

On the call last night, suddenly we realized that we couldn’t do without each other in this, and people are finding their place, finding their voice…trusting, supporting.

So, it comes out we’re all going through spurts of creativity, then nothing…like a rest and letdown, aftermath of overwhelm. Then, BOOM, we’re back at it firing on all cylinders, and it’s amazing. All these communications flying back and forth and we’re all over the world in different time zones!

Anyways, in our new group, stuff is coming up, you know like traumas of school where there was punishment, or lagging behind, dropping out–stuff, the internalized “bad teacher”, and one of us voiced…well maybe I’m not supposed to write this–generally the group dynamics are gelling, like “leave no man behind” and that.

And we are very diverse group, I’m telling ya. We’ve got the “everybody’s amazing ‘cept for me” thing going on, but it’s quickly out in the open and the teacher is going real slow and really hearing us and we’re getting this whole amazing dynamics emerging making us come out, though we’re all “Renegade Marketers” we’re acting as this mini team. It’s cool. We’re on track, so that’s good…finding our voice.

So tonight is the 12th and last session of Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring Program…and our much larger group is all excited and anticipating what’s going to happen now…and no doubt, there will be a review of the last several months and vision for the future

And I’ve been quite enjoying some funny podcasts starting with the first, which is very long but you can listen while surfing, though certainly I was glued to and almost killed myself laughing. Actually, the laughing seemed to help me process the information…and the series is very good.

Found the link when I was poking around BetterNetworker: the first one is called The World’s Most Unprofessional Podcast! They have their other sites, but this is new…Dean Hunt interviews various people, but he and Ciaran Doyle have amazing chemistry, so enjoy. Reminds me a bit of my older brothers, and listening to Fire Sign Theatre which was audio, British humour, back in the day.

Oh, my little brother offered me project work stuffing a bunch of envelopes for his business Car Heaven…and I responded to his voicemail with my voicemail accepting, but he’ll be zooming around the world a bit this week. My friend and I had good laugh at the corner drinking coffee and she’s going to help me. Knows the tricks and in-and-outs of envelope stuffing, so I’m pretty sure we can do it, I think. That’s how bad things are…

Used MindMeister, set up BlueHost, signed up for iContact.

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