My name is Cathy Fletcher. I’m a business person.

I’m implementing what I’ve learned from Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring Program. Also, I’ve found that many free programs and resources are excellent. Love people, like technical.

Some of my time is spent with Twitter because I find information there that I wouldn’t otherwise have found.

On this site I have put together a Training Audio Series to help you in business, so please come back on a regular basis and click to get you started.

My background is clerical in a Training Institute so I understand audio is just one of many ways to learn and retain information. I trained volunteers and I have seen people start from zero and accelerate in gaining skills in a short time. Some take longer, of course.

I’m big on finding your passion, mastering and using a few skills, then going forward by adding another skill to level up.

Generally I operate from home, which is in Hamilton ON Canada.

Text me with business questions 9 0 5 . 5 3 7 . 8 5 7 2 subject line “blog”.

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