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Bad at Everything

successful imaginationThere are times in life when its happening faster than usual. You try more, risk more, go further, love more.

At first, choices are between two aspects of the same thing, like in the child’s garden game of “He loves me, he loves me not”. And right when you get to the last petal you either throw away the flower and start again to get the answer you want or just give up and say “I’m a grown up. I don’t need this flower stuff.”

Yeah, well. We’re all grown up (or not) according to the moment. And successful imagination is needed.

Start a new job, relationship, move and you’re right off the stress-o-meter. Especially renovations.

Like you’re a dumb blond and you’re bad at everything. But not really. Really it is stress.

Like “Casey at the bat”, he had the most home runs because he swung at everything. So accept that you’re bad at everything because you’re making the attempt. And that’s brilliant.

Just go back over it and know where you are on the time line and training scale. Give yourself a chance to get good at it. Mastery is altogether different. You pick “that one thing” once you figure it out. Lots of clues to pick up on. First things first.

You know, school or training is just a place to be exposed to as many different areas as possible in a short time to find out what you’d like to pursue. And none of it is a total loss. You’ll use everything in one way or another so give all life value, even your time.

You’re worth it. Take the time to lay the ground work. Later on, if you need to get clear and start again your foundation is still strong.

Just like renovations, clearing out your life of non-essentials takes effort but in the end new is good. Before you judge yourself as inflexible take stock of what you’ve been up to, count the cost and know you can get on track with a few tweaks here and there.

Do what you like.

Isn’t that Blind Faith? A calculated risk. Might as well relax, blondie.

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