Posts from October 2010.

Envision This

artful eye


How often do you allow yourself to see with clarity the situation you find yourself in?

Rather than cold, hard reality, or even rose-coloured glasses you see from your center.

The pulses that we call time are in the middle of real time. Your mind’s eye, to access the moment needs to be fluid and growing in right connection.

If you’re here right now, and I mean really here in the moment then your mind is in a good state for creating strong memories. Clear memories make for a right relationship to your environment.

Did you ever think that the “ayes” have it? This is a play on words, of course, and I’m talking about an essential “yes” to life. Not a shutting down, but an opening up. And before you dismiss my ramblings as convincing you to some “out there” off-the-grid thinking consider how trendy it is to sustain your own peace in the middle of chaos.

You get to decide how you will see it. And it all begins in the mind, and let’s just say, the ego is an interface. Simply, beautifully, a way to interact with your space. It doesn’t have to be big, this ego of ours…but it needs to be flowing. Not self aware in particular, but enjoying the time. This kind of relaxing is decided upon. Otherwise there is a disconnect to your world.

This is your gift. To be here now, and see it for what it is, faithfully and as simply as a flower.

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