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An Uncommon Way to Wealth

An Uncommon Way to Wealth is a small book by “Victor D’Argent” that you can buy on the internet for a dollar.

Published in Dublin, Ireland it is quite the little story that stays with you forever. There’s a connection with the County of Cork where an original French edition was found.

Key points:

  • find out what your passion is through a counsellor
  • find a job related to your passion, enquire of the top person
  • immediately start looking for your replacement

If your passion is for publishing, your time has come. Are you a Micro Publisher? File this under Odd Marketing.

You’ll never forget the images and the awakening that this book provides.

Quote: “Ideal for the investment of your time and resources.”

It’s all very uncommon. Comes with an interesting calculation.

It’s all about searching and finding a different kind of royal inheritance.

Reminds me a bit of New Jerusalem, the narrow way versus the earth and the wide crowded path.

7 Blog Hacks for Business Success 2010

odd blog

  1. People don’t like to donate unless they get something out of it, but even if it’s a tiny, a stupid, useless virtual thing we love to buy it (like collecting)
  2. give regular updates, if you’re dead nobody will watch you
  3. humour, the whole thing is funny, a funny person
  4. pictures, media (quick glance rather than video)
  5. re: commissions, never say “I need the money” nor be pitiful
  6. provide good stuff, people will talk / share
  7. people buy subscriptions where there are no ads

(from my mentor who is a veteran internet geek that does media art)

I wanted to add my own view of 2010:

  • mini, that is mobile friendly
  • provide timely bits of info

To this end I will be making this site cell phone smart.

As soon as I finish it, I’m going to give a review on The Complete Syndication Revelation.

Domain Transfer

easy domain transferIt’s easy to do a domain transfer.

You just make sure that your domain name is past the 2-month holding time, then…

  1. unlock it (see the “lock” icon?) at domain name provider (GoDaddy)
  2. go to host c-panel, domain manager (BlueHost)
  3. get EPP authorization code, from domain manager (GoDaddy) via email
  4. paste into the field at the host (BlueHost)
  5. get admin contact verification code (GoDaddy) via email
  6. change name servers given by the host (from BlueHost to GoDaddy)
  7. agree to terms of service at host
  8. add transfer to shopping cart and pay ($10)

Basically you have 3 windows open:

  • email account that your domain name provider knows
  • hosting account
  • domain name provider

Read the screen. Relax…it really is easy. Have fun with it. Pretty much it happens instantly, all the email, cutting and pasting of the codes and that.

You’re done.

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