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Recording Software, Set Up Recording Area

Audio product interview (Mike Stewart’s Audio Recording For Information Publishers–coming soon)

Debating the professional vs. consumer quality audio files, I really wonder.

I like the idea of informal very much, but toying with the idea of actually hearing what’s being said.

Most podcasts, or audio files are not made into words to read, and who has time to listen more than once or twice? Wouldn’t you rather hear it right the first time?

Anyway, it’s not that hard to set up a recording space: just turn off the fan and phone, close the windows and door. That’s pretty good.

A really good microphone that sounds clear on replay and takes care of the “popping” noise of talking. When I get one, I’ll review that one–research first and let you know. And on how to look after it, too.

Oh no, detox again

Get down to business: it’s detox time.

Clarify your body and your communications.

Yes, well…here we all are at the dinner table yet again. Been on a mental / emotional holiday, if not also physically, back and forth on a couple of short trips to see the family.

Between Christmas and New Years has always been a bit of an inbetween time for me.

Before all this I decided enough is enough and sent for DrNatura (too bad there’s no affiliate product). Done five days now.

Called up my old email and I saw I hadn’t done a proper cleanse since late summer 2008. Perfectly pitiful. And I know better, too.

The kids hate it when I talk about parasites.

But I didn’t just make this stuff up. Look, they come in microscopically and they transform into full-grown “what-the” and live and play (and everything else) at our expense.

Really though, this temporary tent I call a body has to be light and easy to be an expression of poise and grace, strength and flexibility.

How can you expect the rest of life to line up if you haven’t put first things first?

Tomorrow step up to twice and much. Twice the results. Remember to drink water. And come to the Living Water, as well.

Happy New Year, and here’s to the health of your business and marketing: Cheers!

Marketing Advice by Dean Hunt

My review: Only Deano would do something like this. Gotta love him. Help children in India.

Full-on videos (5-6 minutes with the main points), Personality Marketers and Social Marketers, those with a little character and personality in what they do will be big in 2010.

He’s right about transparency, I think. I mean super-professional “can’t touch me-I’m-a-corporation-now-so-security-will-keep-you-out” are boring me half to death. What about you?

You might just as well sign up for Ustream while you’re there.

The Sweet Spot in Marketing

Doctor Howard Moscowitz…

That is, Malcolm Gladwell on: What we can learn from spaghetti sauce.

Howard’s gift to the American people. I’ve always said “No one talks about what’s important”.

Malcolm: we cannot always explain what we want deep inside.

You marketers: help us to know what we want!

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